Paper: How Jesus used the book of Daniel

On Friday November 22 (2013) I presented a paper for the Adventist Society of Religious Studies (ASRS) summarizing some of the findings in my doctoral dissertation on Daniel in the Gospels. It turns out that Jesus got some lessons out of Daniel that confirm our Adventist historicist interpretation of Daniel, and some lessons that might […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 1 (and 2)

How we live a more blessed life as a believer has a lot to do with how we live morally and spiritually. One significant quest is whether we allow the world to influence us, or whether we treasure the word of God in our lives. To live like the blessed in Psalm 1, we all […]

PowerPoint Spiritual Gifts

Here is my PowerPoint file for the Choir Room Sabbath School, PUC, February 25, 2017:

PowerPoint Urban Evangelism

Here is my PowerPoint file for the Choir Room Sabbath School, PUC, September 17 2016:

Jeremiah in the New Testament

Download PowerPoint/PDF file from the PUC Choir Sabbath School on December 19, 2015: Jeremiah.pdf

Chico 2015 Prophecy conference

Here are the files from my presentations.

The Theology of the Book of Daniel

Paper: How Jesus used the Book of Daniel

Danielic Influence in Matthew 24 and in 2 Thessalonians 2

The Seven Heads of Revelation 17

Free videos to learn Logos with the new Sabbath School lessons on Luke

For anyone interested, I am making a series of videotutorials explaining how to use Logos Biblesoftware that goes with the Sabbath School lessons on the Gospel of Luke this quarter. So learn Logos and prepare for the sabbath school at the same time.

The videos on Youtube:

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Email: […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 7

The idea that God is going to judge us, seems to frighten many people–believers as well as non-believers. But when we are unjustly persecuted and hunted down we cry out ‘It is unfair’ ‘Lord, save us!’ and we too long for God to judge the enemies, while making clear to all our innocence.

In Psalm 7 […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 6

When it seems like you’ve prayed enough and God still does not answer, when do you give up? How long do you feel comfortable asking God, before you start doubting your faith or God’s love or the right we have to presume upon God? And what happens when our ordered world collapses? When what we […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 5

Knowing that God has set a high moral standard for us should make us more careful about how we live our lives. But does it truly affect us in all of our daily choices? How do we compare to the spiritual life of David? Do we pray and wait for God to unfold his blessings […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 4

Afflicted yet a joyful witness

How is it that although we know what is good, and that God loves us, we often still doubt him when life gets difficult? When the worldly people around us succeed, or when they look down upon our ‘simple faith’, how easy it is to be silent. But here in Psalm […]

Women of Prayer – Psalm 3

How do we respond to extreme situations of danger, fear or worries? It is often in times like these that test our relationship to God. What is our faith built upon? How do we face a mountain of difficulties? What or who do we turn to? So often we might begin like Psalm 3, with […]

Paper: Luke-Acts and the issue of ordination

The Seventh-day Adventist church is currently engaged in a worldwide study of our
theology of ordination.

Exactly how Catholic or Protestant, biblical, relevant and useful is our current practice of ordination.

Here is a paper I just wrote for the Inter-American Division study group on ordination. I look at how ordination currently functions in our church, and the evaluate our practice in light of two New Testament books. […]

The Sixth Trumpet of Revelation

Let me be honest: I am not sure how the seven trumpets in the Book of Revelation should be understood.

When I taught the Book of Revelation for the first time at Montemorelos last Spring (2012), I managed to go carefully through every chapter and verse of this last book in the Bible, letting my students know along the way when I was sure of one interpretation and when I thought there was several possible options to be considered… […]

Women of prayer – Introduction

There is such a need for more prayer and Bible study in our church. The Women of Prayer is a prayer group at Montemorelos University. Here we go through the Psalms, learning a few tips on how to pray, we share experiences, inspire and pray together. In our church we have presently an emphasis on […]

Article: A Definition and Short History of Historicism

Seventh-day Adventists believe that the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation should be interpreted according to what we call the “historicist” approach (in contrast to the “preterist” and “futurist” methods).

Below is an article I wrote for JATS (Journal of the Adventist Theological Society) back in 2003, trying to define the term and show that a lot of interpreters throughout history has used this method.

Since I wrote this article I have frankly tried to use the term “historicist” as little as possible, especially when discussing Daniel and Revelation with scholars from other traditions. Our choice of terms are important for effective communication, and trying to categorize people into different schools and methods before we even start discussing the biblical text might be counterproductive.


4 methods of witnessing for your friends

Have you tried these 4 methods of witnessing for your friends?


By Reimar Vetne

So, we are supposed to tell other people the good news about Jesus.

But how exactly do we tell our friends?


‘Evangelize’ in the Bible


What the word ‘evangelize’ actually meant in the Bible

By Reimar Vetne


I have a surprise for you today: you have probably been slightly misinformed about what the word ‘evangelio’ meant back in the Bible.

Words sometimes change their meaning over time. Make that two thousand years, and chances are that words used in the Bible can be a little bit misunderstood today.


Do we appreciate the creative and artistic people among us?

This article was written for the Sabbath School topic on March 10 about ‘God as an artist’. Dedicated to Dr. Jo Ann Davidson at Andrews, who has done more than any among us to promote the idea of God’s love for artistry and aesthetics. […]